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IMMLleida 2023

11th IMMLleida

26th-28th June 2023


IMMLleida 2022

10th IMMLleida (virtual edition)

27th-29th June 2022

Special strands:

  • Suffering power in the Middle Ages
  • 1st Congress Toponomasticon Hispaniae: Interterritoriality and interdisciplinary



IMMLleida 2019

Portada programa 19

9th IMMLleida 

25th-28th June 2019

Special strands:

  • Expressivity and power in the Middle ages
  • Interpreting Data, Constructing Performance: Source Study and the Recreation of Medieval Music Practices



IMMLleida 2018


8th IMMLleida 

25th-28th June 2018

Special strands:

  • Emotions in the Middle Ages. A historiographical appraisal
  • Cohesion of multiethnic societies, c. 6th-16th
  • Art and liturgy in Catalonia during the Middle Ages


IMMLleida 2017


7th IMMLleida 

26th-28th June 2017

Special strand: Feelings in the Middle Ages


IMMLleida 2016


6th IMMLleida 

20th-22nd June 2016

Special strand: Medieval Mediterranean Studies


IMMLleida 2015

cartell meeting 15

5th IMMLleida 

25th-26th June 2015


IMMLleida 2014

poster IMM2014

4th IMMLleida

25th-27th June 2014

Special strand: Potestas


IMMLleida 2013

flyer 3rd meeting

3rd IMMLleida

26th-28th June 2013

Special strand:

- "The ideology of authority in medieval history"

- "Authority and writing in the Middle Ages"

- "Auctoritas. Images and artistic promotion in later Middle Ages"


IMMLleida 2012


2nd IMMLleida

28th June - 1st July 2012

Special strand:

- "Ideology and society in the Middle Ages"

- "The birth of medieval linguistic conciousness"

- "Constructing imagined identities: medieval literature and ideology"

- "Catalonia and Portugal: the Iberian Peninsula from the periphery"

- "Sacred spaces in the Middle Ages: an archaeological perspective"

- "The medieval cathedral: liturgical space, art, ceremony and music"


IMMLleida 2011

1st IMMLleida

28th June - 1st July 2011

Special strand:

- "Memory and Middle Ages"

- "Crises in the Middle Ages: war and famine"

- "The medieval city and archaeology"

- "Sacred voices in Jews' texts"

- "Cartography of the soul: identity, memory and writing"

- "Late gothic painting in the Crown of Aragon and the Hispanic Kingdom"


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