Special strand 2023

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Medieval roots of Europe


During the IMMLleida, we want to emphasise a specific objective: the medieval roots of Europe. Languages, collective identities, urban and territorial morphology, participatory political models... it is easy to see roots in the Middle Ages of a large part of the axes that evolved over the following centuries and down to the present day. 


Invited speakers:      

  • Jean-Marie Moeglin (Université Paris-Sorbonne Paris IV), Histoire universelle et histoire nationale. Les origines médiévales d’un ordre dynastico-territorial en Europe.
  • Eleni Sakellariou (University of Crete), The late medieval Eastern Mediterranean between expansion and contraction.       
  • Diego Quaglioni (Università degli Studi di Trento), A lost continent of law: Medieval Europe and the 'ius commune'.



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