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XII INTERNATIONAL MEDIEVAL MEETING LLEIDA will be held in Lleida between 5th-7th June 2024.

SPECIAL STRAND: "Contractual monarchy and representativeness in the Middle Ages".

+ 19 strands focused in leading aspects of Medieval Studies.




We look forward to reading your proposals!

Special strand 2024

Governing, in the Middle Ages, is a game of matching between the different holders of power. Common good, power of the people, conciliarism, universities, double rule (mere and mixed empire), etc. they are the proper terms of an era where, after all, negotiation, justifying speeches and ostentation are imposed at different levels and social strata. The sovereign finds before those who speak on behalf of certain groups, invoking a certain and pretended representativeness. Contractual monarchy and representativeness thus become two of the great contributions of the Middle Ages. The traces of that past are everywhere: art, literature, archaeology, documentation, literature... The researcher only needs to look at them. The International Medieval Meeting Lleida thus invites an interdisciplinary look that illuminates this pivotal point in the historical journey of humanity.

Keynote speakers:

  • Inaugural conference by Michel Hébert (Université du Québec à Montréal), Le moment parlementaire en Europe occidentale à la fin du Moyen Âge : de la représentation à la représentativité?
  • François Foronda (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), Políticas, reformadas y contractuales: monarquías renovadas en el siglo XIV europeo.
  • Núria Silleras (University of Colorado at Boulder), Juana I de Castilla: una crisis contractual y el fin de la dinastía Trastámara.
  • Xavier Renedo (Universitat de Girona), Contractualisme i jerarquies angèliques entre el Dotzè del Crestià i el Llibre dels Àngels.
  • Francesca Español (Universitat de Barcelona), La Corona d'Aragó i els escenaris de la 'potestas'.
  • Antoni Mas (Universitat de les Illes Balears), Ésser pagesos, ésser de la Pagesia. L'emergència de la consciència col.lectiva dels habitants de la ruralia mallorquina de Mallorca (segles XIV-XVII).


Schedule 2024


The official programme of the event will appear on the website at the end of March 2024.

We inform you that all sessions will be scheduled during the following times:


Wednesday 5th June 9:00h - 18:00h

Thursday 6th June 8:30 - 14:00h

Friday 7th June 8:30h - 13:00h






Events and excursions


On Wednesday 5th, we will offer a welcoming reception.

On Thursday 6th we will offfer an excursion by coach to places of historical interest in the area. We will visit: the village of Àger and its collegiate church and the former Premonstratensian Monastery of Bellpuig de les Avellanes.

On Friday 7th we will offer a closing reception.

All activities are free for conference participants and are included in the inscription fee but it is necessary to reserve a place.

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The IMMLleida team would like to thank all who attended the 11th IMMLleida and who helped to make the conference such a huge success!

The Organizing Team of IMMLleida invites you to participate in the next edition: the 12th International Medieval Meeting Lleida will take place in Lleida on June 5th and 7th 2024. Call for papers and sessions OPEN until 10th March 2024.